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Exploring Some Great Scenic Drives with the Lowest Car Rental Deals

Ontario has around 400,000 miles of terrain worth exploring. Ontario has something for everyone and is dotted with lakes, rivers, culture and cities. Road tripping a common and popular summer activity and a large number of people indulge in it every summer. There is a lot to explore if you are starting your road trip in one of Ontario’s urban hubs. You can opt for one of the best car rental service in downtown Toronto in order to explore the various destinations. Read more to check out some of the must-visit spots.

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Niagara Falls to Niagara on the Lake

This road trip is short but sweet. You can travel from the Falls to the Lake by using the Niagara Parkway in around 30 minutes. The route is picturesque with historical sites, wineries, parks and many other interesting places to check out. You can grab a quick bite at the roadside stands and witness the beautiful scenery. The scenery is a bit different in every season. During spring, you can witness the trees blooming along the river bank. In autumn, the trees shed their multicolored leaves. In winter, you can witness the Winter Festival of Lights. If you want to extend your trip, you can visit Fort Erie as well. You can hire one of the best car rental service in downtown Torontoto explore the region.

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Newmarket to Downtown Toronto

Whether it is the longest road in the world or not is quite debatable, but you can witness a lot of sites by taking the route. The road stretches around 53 miles. You can start in downtown Toronto and travel through Younge Street and move through the suburbs of Richmond Hill of New York. You will surely have a wonderful experience as you sip a glass of wine at the winery or bask in the sun. You can also check out the historical sites. One of the best car rental service in downtown Toronto makes your road trip memorable.

Even though this route is not the typical meandering one, it is definitely one of the coolest routes which offer a lot of historical sites as well. If you want you can carry on beyond Newmarket and check out Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe. Hire one of the best car rental service in downtown Toronto to have a pleasurable experience.

Ottawa to Toronto via Algonquin Park

You can travel from a major urban center to another and soak in some nature on the way. Even though this is not a direct route to travel from Ottawa to Toronto, yet you can get some respite from the city din by stopping at the Algonquin Park. The park is located at a distance of 185 miles from Toronto and 160 miles from Ottawa. You can relax at the park, canoe, hike, or just witness the wildlife like black bears, beavers and moose. The trip takes around 4 hours and you can witness the various facets of Ontario on the way.

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Even though you do not own a car, you can indulge in a road trip by hiring a car rental service. You can hire one of the best car rental service in downtown Toronto in order to have a wonderful time. Read some interesting news on car rental from here!